We are proud to maintain an ICAVL (Intersocietal Commission for the Accreditation of Vascular Laboratories) accredited facility, which allows us to do objective, non-invasive assessments of vascular issues right here in our office.  Whether you have been sent by your regular doctor just for the test, or are coming to see us for an office visit, your tests are assessed immediately by our trained sonographers, and a physician is available to see you in consultation if indicated or if you want someone to review the test with you right away.

This type of physiologic testing, in combination with a skilled history and physical, can help to distinguish between true vascular problems and other possible concomitant or alternative diagnoses (i.e. orthopedic or neurologic issues).  It can also help you and your physician make a decision about whether or not you need further therapy.  Moreover this can be a very important way of monitoring you after you have had any type of vascular surgery.

 Types of tests offered:

  • Segmental pressures
  • Ankle-brachial indices (with and without exercise)
  • Segmental plethysmography
  • Digital plethysmography
  • Doppler ultrasonography of the neck, abdomen and extremities
  • Duplex ultrasonography of the neck, abdomen and extremities


Eddy Sapiro, RVT is the lead registered vascular technologist for the department. Growing up in Southern California, he completed the cardiovascular program at Grossmont College after receiving a BA in psychology from San Diego State University. He began his career in September 1991 working with Drs. Beare and Rosenman at Peninsula Hospital. He is responsible for the lab’s ICAVL accreditation and maintains our ongoing quality assurance program. Eddy has incredible experience spanning more than 23 years, during which time he has had the pleasure of watching the surgical group grow. He enjoys extreme skiing, surfing, hiking and spending time with his family.